Buster And Billie / Baxter / The Fast Kill

Episode 020


It should have been a love story…Quentin and Roger travel back in time to the rural South for Buster and Billie! Jan-Michael Vincent’s Buster wants to get laid; his friends suggest he get it on with the ‘easy’ girl in school, Billie. Expecting only sex, the two fall into an unlikely romance destined to end in Southern fried tragedy. The Video Archives crew discuss the history of 70s tearjerkers, Jan-Michael Vincent’s heartthrob status and how American Graffiti changed the coming of age story.

Next up, beware of the dog who thinks in Baxter! Based on the novel Hell Hound, Baxter is a black comedy about a white bull terrier who moves from owner to owner, and the misfortunes that befall them. Quentin and Roger discuss Baxter’s incredible voiceover, the genre of dog movies, and the mystery of what happened to director Jérôme Boivin. Finally, the only way out is death in Lindsay Shonteff’s outlandish heist film The Fast Kill! A successful diamond robbery goes wrong when six criminals attempt to divvy up their earnings. The duo discuss the film’s economical filmmaking, groovy music, and heart-pounding heist sequence.

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