Lipstick / The One And Only / Slithis

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Quentin and Roger enter the world of fashion with Lamont Johnson’s revenge-a-matic Lipstick! A fashion model is raped by her sister’s music teacher - after she takes him to court, she finds that she’ll have to take justice into her own hands. We’ll discuss the genius of casting real-life sisters Margaux and Mariel Hemingway, as well as the intensity a score can bring to a film.

Next, we jump into the ring with Carl Reiner’s Henry Winkler vehicle The One And Only. Andy Schmidt is a larger-than-life college student with dreams of becoming an actor, but when he finally makes it to New York, he finds that no one respects his talent - that is, until he accidentally invents show wrestling. Quentin & Roger quote their favorite lines from the film and discuss exceptional performances from Winkler and Kim Darby. Finally, we wade into the canals of Venice Beach to find Slithis (or Spawn Of The Slithis, depending on who you ask.) A nuclear leak has created a sea monster who terrorizes pets, winos and hippies, leading a high school journalism teacher to solve the mystery. The Video Archives crew talk about the importance of film as a time capsule, and the art of filling a film’s world with unique characters.

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Roger Avary
Roger Avary
Director, Producer, and Academy Award™-winning Screenwriter.
Mr Sound Loving Man. Formerly @earwolf, currently @smartlessmedia. I’ve worked on @hdtgm // @comedybangbang // @getplayedpod // @videoarchives // @unspooled etc
Josh Richmond
Josh Richmond
Producer of Unspooled, The Video Archives Podcast, and many other @Earwolf & @Stitcher shows.
Lipstick / The One And Only / Slithis