Nitro Moves

  • videoarchives
  • January 24, 2023

The Video Archives After Show is racing ahead at full tilt! Quentin, Roger & Gala had so much to say about last week’s films, Sonny & Jed, Mister Scarface and American Nitro, that this week’s episode is dedicated to more insights from that conversation. You’ll learn about the connection between Sergio Corbucci and Peter Hyams, flying cockroaches, Green Cobras and much more! I also have more foreign posters and film facts on Counter Talk, so let’s drive on in…

Last week I showcased some of the many titles and art treatments for Sonny & Jed and Mister Scarface, but there’s so much more! I’m really fond of this French poster that titles the film “Far West Story,” especially Susan George’s devilish double-barreled pose:

Even the Swedes could not help but put Telly “Kojak” Savalas front and center in the Swedish poster, but “Grym Revansch” (translation: “Cruel Revenge”) is an amazing title.

Finally, here’s an actual Italian poster from the original release, featuring the titular couple mid-holdup looking suitably deranged:

Gala’s “Good Times” copy of Mister Scarface claimed the film is “a wilder ride than Bonnie & Clyde”...but the original poster for the film stunted on two other classics as well. And it's meaner than a junkyard dog! Take that, Leroy Brown.

Finally, I have to thank the New Beverly for finding this Spanish poster for “Dragones De Fuego” (American Nitro), which I pulled from their Twitter page:

American Nitro is full of colorful characters, but Quentin and Roger were really taken with Pam, the queen of the track who helped keep the races running smoothly. But did you know Pam had a partner in crime? Jungle Jim and Jungle Pam were more or less the first couple of funny car racing.

Russell James Liberman, “Jungle Jim,” was a talented driver from West Chester, PA, who became one of the stars of the funny car circuit shortly after dropping out of high school. Pamela Hardy started dating Jim when she was eighteen, becoming a member of his racing team, then a regular at funny car events, checking cars and making sure everyone was prepared before races. Her beauty and skimpy outfits eventually made her an even bigger star than Jim, a sex symbol who appeared on racing magazine covers and was widely loved.

Jim and Pam’s story ended in tragedy, when Jim died in a car accident in 1977 (though not on the race track). A devastated Pam never worked with another driver, and eventually left the world of funny car racing, outside of a few convention appearances. But Jim, Pam and the other legends of the scene live on through documents like American Nitro.

The Video Archives Merch Spotlight this week lands on this cutie, Dana Skully! Dana’s friend/owner Duane Swierczynski tells us, “Back in September, our kid needed a skeleton prop for a drag look. Naturally, I went to the best place in L.A. to find such a thing (outside of Hollywood Forever): Burbank’s Halloween Town. I walked in and asked for a skeleton; they didn’t even flinch. I brought her home. The kid changed their mind about the look and no longer needed the skeleton. However, they propped it up at our dining room table, dressed it up a little… and Dana Skully was born.”

“…For January Giallo, I decided to dress her up in something very special: a Video Archives cap, and a fresh tin of Triple-Threat Reel Ten popcorn. (And, of course, a Cinematic Void t-shirt from last year’s “January Giallo” run.)”

Thanks for sending Duane, hope you got to eat some of Dana’s popcorn! Next week’s Video Archives is a must-listen episode, with an incredible guest I won’t spoil…but for now, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, get your own Video Archives merch at, and I’ll see you all next week.