Podcast For Me Billy

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  • December 27, 2022

Gala finally gets the chance to watch a proper version of Cry For Me Billy on today’s Video Archives After Show! She talks to Quentin and Roger about what makes Maria ‘Xochitl’ Potts’ performance so compelling, and Quentin gets the ultimate gift for any fan of Cliff Potts. We’ve also got more thoughts from Quentin, Roger & Gala on last week’s marquee films, Rage and The Loved One. I’ve got alternate movie art and doggy photos on today’s Counter Talk, so let’s get into it…

It’s going to be a short newsletter today, since the whole Video Archives team is on holiday! Hope you’re enjoying the end of the year and getting cozy with family and friends. If you’re looking for a break from said family and friends, take a walk around the block and listen to this After Show – it’s full of gift giving, sweet remembrances, and plenty of movie chat of course.

Cry For Me Billy isn’t just the sole film performance of the enigmatic Maria Potts; it also features the incredible Harry Dean Stanton at a pivotal time in his career. This wasn’t Stanton’s first film role, not by a long shot – before Cry For Me Billy, he’d been acting for over 20 years, and he’d already become a favorite of Monte Hellman, appearing in Ride In The Whirlwind and Two Lane Blacktop. The year after Cry For Me Billy, he’d appear in Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid, then The Godfather Pt. II, and then on to iconic roles in Alien, Repo Man and Paris, Texas. But in 1972, his career as a character actor was just starting to build momentum after decades, and a movie-stealing performance in Cry For Me Billy kept pushing him forward.

Harry Dean Stanton in Repo Man

Cry For Me Billy got some superb pieces of art during its short theatrical run! Here’s an original poster, which makes the film look downright idyllic - except for that extremely ominous tagline:

The New Beverly is advertising their screening with this wonderful French poster (check out that Brut logo in the corner!):

This Hungarian poster looks almost like it was drawn with colored pencil - and the angled “Meztelen Bosszu” title makes quite an impact:

Of course, the Japanese poster is gorgeous, placing the doomed lovers against a picturesque apricot sky:

Today’s merch spotlight comes from this good boy, Hugo Stiglitz, and his owner Miles! Miles writes “He just turned two years old this past June 21 and still growing. Weighing around 170 pounds and none of it slows him down. When I watch any movies/TV or listen to Video Archives Pod or listen to Maron’s podcast he’s right there listening and watching with me….You guys do legendary work. Much love from us you guys. ✌️🤍🐾😎.” You can follow them at @miles.c.a  and @hugostiglitztheenglishmastiff.

We also have a bonus merch spotlight from Indy the corgi! His owner Tim says “Indy is a 9 year old corgi who lives in LA and loves adventure movies and stoner comedies. He sometimes posts his adventures @indy_the_corg.”

And that’s it for today! We started recording the Video Archives podcast in December 2021, just over a year ago - it’s been one hell of a year, and I’m feeling very privileged to be sharing the gospel of VHS with all of you. Happy new year, and see you all in 2023!