Rage / The Loved One / Cry For Me Billy

Episode 012


They called it an accident; he called it a murder. Join Roger & Quentin as they’re filled with rage after watching George C. Scott’s Rage. The duo talks about what happens when the class system fails, Scott’s connection to Kubrick, and what a main will do when he has nothing left to lose.

Next, the motion picture with something to offend everyone – at least, in 1965. Tony Richardson’s The Loved One is a blistering black comedy that pulls no punches with its portrayal of the mortuary business in Hollywood. Roger & Quentin discuss a star-studded supporting cast, the magic of a reel change, and the everlasting influence Richardson had on Roger. Remember kids, it’s not a rocket! Finally, Roger & Quentin sing a song for a little sparrow in 1972’s Cry For Me Billy. We’ll learn what makes a 70s Western unique and talk about the bravery of an actress who bares it all.

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