The Keep / The Relic / Café Express

Video Archives Tarantino and Avary by Stitcher Podcasts

Episode 003

08 / 16 / 2022


Roger & Quentin travel deep into Bavaria to unlock Michael Mann’s The Keep! Originally running at 210 minutes, Mann’s second film was notoriously cut down to half that length. Your hosts discuss their excitement at the time for Mann’s rise as a director, his influence on future filmmakers, and where it all went wrong.

Next, join us at the museum as we dig into Peter Hyams’ 1997 film The Relic! A monster movie mystery, Quentin & Roger pick apart the lore of the film and discuss if rules really matter when you’re having fun. This movie picks up in the third act, and you’ll have to come along for the ride to see how it ends. Lastly, fill up a cup of Joe and board the Cafe Express, a charming 80s Italian comedy starring Nino Manfredi. Be ready to laugh, be ready to cry, and be ready to fight against Italian bureaucracy, one cup of coffee at a time.

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