The One Armed Executioner / Welcome To Blood City / Blind Rage

Video Archives Tarantino and Avary by Stitcher Podcasts

Episode 005

09 / 13 / 2022

Quentin and Roger earn the right to take revenge in The One Armed Executioner! An Interpol agent is out for vengeance against the gangsters that cut off his arm and killed his bride. The crew discuss the palpable on-screen connection between stars Franco Guerrero and Jody Kay, the artful sound design of this film, and the trailers packaged with the Paragon tape.
Next up: in Welcome To Blood City, five strangers wake up with no memory in a world that resembles the Wild West. If they can kill twenty other people, they’ll become immortal. Quentin & Roger talk about how the great Jack Palance carries the film, how Keir Dullea breaks his typecasting, and how this premise could easily be remade today. Lastly, in 1976’s Blind Rage, five friends get together and decide to rob a bank. The catch? All five men are blind. Roger & Quentin discuss the film’s unique heist planning sequence and never-before-seen gadgets. It’s all going down at the International House Of Pancakes on the Video Archives Podcast!
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