The Star 80 Conversation Continues

  • videoarchives
  • November 15, 2022

Whether you call them “movies” or “films,” today’s Video Archives Podcast After Show has something for you! (Personally I tend to jump back and forth between both, sometimes within the same sentence.) We’ve got more of Gala’s sit-down with Roger about the origins of Video Archives, and more of Quentin, Roger & Gala’s insights on Bob Fosse’s Star 80. I’ve got a few more nuggets of insight and peeks inside the Archives on today’s Counter Talk, so let’s get into it…


Today’s After Show starts with part 2 of Gala’s interview with Roger – this time, he goes into detail about his first impressions of Quentin, how they came to work together and, eventually, how they became great friends. It’s a wonderful story – and while we’re revisiting those golden days, check out this original Video Archives VHS cover box in all its glory:

As the Video Archives crew answers the thorny question “Would Star 80 be a better film if Fosse and Eric Roberts hadn’t identified so strongly with Paul Snider?,” I couldn’t help but think about Roberts’ career following this star-making performance. (I also can’t get over Roger’s Roberts impression from last episode.) His Snider is so unforgettable it could have been a double edged sword - it’s the kind of role that can imprint on a young actor for life, and force them down a path where they only get work playing creeps or sleazeballs. That’s certainly the lane he fell into with other early career highlights like Runaway Train and The Pope Of Greenwich Village.

Even after his time as a marquee headliner ended, though, he’s had an incredibly busy and varied career, with over 700 acting credits! That includes everything from playing a recurring sci-fi villain on Doctor Who to popping up in Rihanna music videos, and memorable small roles in The Dark Knight and Inherent Vice. Later in life, in particular, he’s been willing to lend his signature gravitas and intensity to even the smallest films and bit parts. He had 32 roles in 2016 alone, including a part in what’s become one of Nigeria’s biggest box office hits, A Trip To Jamaica. Video Archives conversations on films like Blind Rage and Demonoid have given me a greater appreciation for movie stars that go overseas for a couple days to give a boost to low-budget pictures – kudos to Roberts for taking his talents everywhere from London to Lagos.

And speaking of Eric Roberts, listener @CynElectric drew an amazing pencil portrait of Paul Snider in Star 80:

As for Mariel Hemingway’s career, which has fewer IMDB entries but is equally fascinating – we’ll be revisiting it in an episode coming up soon. Very soon, in fact…

Before I sign off, let’s bring back an old newsletter segment – while Quentin is away on tour promoting Cinema Speculation (did you get your copy yet?), here’s another glimpse inside the Archives! This stoic cowboy with a handsome gray mustache and C-shaped hands sits on the shelves, keeping Seijun Suzuki’s Pistol Opera and Kurosawa’s Dodes’ka-den company. Do any Video Archives listeners recognize this gentleman from anywhere?

[ In this week’s merch spotlight, here’s British filmmaker and stuntman Robert Bond (@RobertBondOfficial on Instagram) showing off one of the new Video Archives shot glasses. (And, it looks like, about to see Park Chan-wook’s excellent Decision To Leave.)

That wraps it up for Counter Talk today! Next week we return to our classic format with a thrilling triple feature – until then, follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the conversation around the show, check out for merch and exclusive updates, and I’ll be back next week.